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N.B. Check the trap often and by UK law at least once per day, ideally dusk & dawn. You must release unharmed, any non target animals. No method of trapping is without the risk of causing harm. The important thing is that we all strive to avoid any unnecessary suffering. You may be require to hold a license to operate some traps, advice & forms HERE. We sell traps all round the world it's your responsibility to check the relevant laws in your country

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The Trap Man twin catch Crow Trap

How to catch crows and rooks using a crow trap, These crow traps are particularly effective in catching crows, jays, jackdaws and rooks. The important factor with a crow trap is that it uses a live decoy bird and is side entry, crows and rooks like to hop along the ground and are easier to catch in a side entry crow trap.

You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day ideally morning and evening. don't set the crow trap if you can't check on it every day.

twin catch side entry crow trap
Twin catch side entry crow trap

Just want a few extra cable ties ? pack of 36 cable ties this will allow you to build up your trap after the out of season storage

Crow trap. Double side entry design for crows & rooks. Easily folded for storage after use to save space. Supplied with instructions and plastic ties to secure trap in built up form. Should take less than 10 mins. to open up the crow trap from the box, unfold it, fit the ties, set the split perches and start catching. Instructions are supplied and email help is available for as long as you own the trap, quote your invoice number.  

The crow trap has three compartments, one larger than the others, and this larger compartment the decoy crow is usually kept in this must be large enough for the crow to stretch its wings. The other two catching compartments have spring loaded doors which are held open by split perches. When the decoy crow attracts the other crows they step on the perch which gives way under their weight and the door is sprung closed entrapping the crow in the trap. The traps can often be baited with eggs or egg shells placed on top or inside the compartments, although in the case of crows it is the presence of an intruder (ie. the decoy bird) which attracts them.

In the UK it is illegal to use a larsen or crow trap to catch other bird species

Any suitable bait such as meat scraps, small dead animals, offal, etc., may be used to bring crows into a given area. The importance of choosing a proper bait location and the use of baits for several days prior to the actual setting of the trap cannot be stressed too highly. Best results will be obtained if the trap has a "weathered" or old appearance, as crows are suspicious of shiny material. Ascertain the best place for positioning the trap, preferably where crows congregate or near their flyway. Place bait in a suitable location. Large bones, fat, dead rabbits or any frozen carcasses and offal may be used as bait.

Place the crow trap in close proximity to the bait allowing birds to become accustomed to the trap. Leave bait and trap with the catching doors tied back for one or two days until crows accept the bait. Small amounts of bait should be placed in the entrance to entice crows to enter, raw meat, offal, roadkill or eggs are good bait. A daily check should be made near evening and any trapped birds disposed of humanely out of sight of the call bird. If trapping is successful, one live crow may be left in trap overnight to act as decoy, these decoys must be well cared for. If, after several days, perhapse a week, no results are obtained, the trap should be moved to a new location and repeated. Sometimes lifting the crow trap off the ground by a few inches increases the catch rate, placing it onto a bale or two sleepers is all that's neccessary. Placing two crow traps back to back makes a true multi catch crow trap capable of catching four crows at each setting, using only one decoy bird.

crow trap side entry door detail

Place the split perch in the door of the crow trap

crow trap decoy compartment

Approved size crow trap decoy compartment.

You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day ideally morning and evening.

don't set the crow trap if you can't check on it every day.

Click here to see the relevant legalities of using a larsen trap

twin side entry crow trap setting instruction video 

Cheaper twin top entry Magpie trap