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The Trap Man Humane Trap Live catch Fox Traps, Trapping Foxes

The Trap Man Live catch fox traps are often seen as the only humane solution to problems of urban foxes and other nuisance animals. There are many types of fox trap on the market but all work on a similar basis. The Trap Man Live catch fox cage traps are baited, the fox will enter the trap to get at the bait, and it will either tread on a trigger plate or by pulling at the bait, release a pin which in turn triggers a door. One advantage of fox cage trapping is that it allows non-target species such as pet dogs and cats to be released unharmed.

Made in UK by The Trap ManThese fox cages are all Made in the UK by The Trap Man Made in the UK by The Trap Man

new fox trap in set position
Flat packed TrapMan Fox trap

Flat packed Fox trap with wire treadle plate
Strongly manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 2.5mm galvanized welded wire
The tripping mechanism operated with pull bait as standard, wire treadle as an free option
Dimensions 450mm x 475mm x 1200mm 18"x19"x4` flat packed,

Pull bait operated free fall wire mesh door. Fox Trap is supplied flat packed for ease of delivery, unfolds like a cardboard box. Fix end panel and slide assembly using metal clips provided (instructions provided, approx. assembly time 10mins) You will require a pair of pliers to close the clips. Door slide assembly is not painted or galvanized. Wire treadle plate is a no cost option included with this fox trap !

fox trap door

Note the size of our fox trap, 48" long, the whole trap is utilized, unlike our competitors which use a inward closing door hinged from the roof of the trap which when closed shortens the effective trap length also the door seriously impedes the roof height. The Trap Man fox trap door opening can be fitted tight against a fence hole or chicken run bob hole this disguise's the trap from the fox especially if the trap is used inside the poultry shed.


If you still think that our standard fox trap is just not long enough try our Longer fox traps OR our professional fox trap

Longer flat packed fox trap

TrapMan Longer fox trap

Dimensions 60" or 5 feet long x 18" wide x 19" high. same design......but longer

If you think you have a fox problem, it is essential to ensure that it really is a fox that is the culprit. Cats, dogs, and squirrels are frequent scavengers of dustbins and plastic refuse sacks, and damage to lawns is often caused by birds. Some problems will solve themselves in the course of time. For example, a litter of fox cubs will disperse as summer progresses irrespective of any action taken. Trapping does solve the problem temporarily as other foxes from surrounding areas quickly move into the vacant territory and replace the animal that has been removed.

Pro Fox trap size 60" long x 20" tall x 18" wide

Pull bait operated door only

Pro folding Fox trap

Pro folding fox trap, professional fox trap folding model, folds up to save space during storage out of the fox hunting season.

Foxes are rather nervous animals and generally fearful of people. They take every opportunity to avoid humans. It is inconceivable that a healthy fox would attack an adult or child unless cornered and an attempt was made to grab it. Foxes eat a variety of food including fruit, earth worms, insects, small mammals, such as mice, birds, rabbits, and scavenged food. Although there are cases of attacking cats this is extremely rare indeed. One problem that is prevalent in the months of June and July are young cubs that dig up areas of the lawn. Most are looking for leather jackets, grubs or lava. Alternatively, if you have placed a fish, blood or bone meal based fertilizer on your lawn the foxes will be attracted to this since its smells like buried food and thus encourages them to dig. Both foxes and cats are active at night and meetings between the two are probably a nightly occurrence. Observations of such meetings show that for the most part they either ignore each other or else the foxes are nervous of the cats. Foxes will attack pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs and also poultry. The best way of preventing this is to ensure that the livestock is housed in secure hutches and coops.

Small Dog Trap / Fox Trap 48"x19"x18"

Small Dog Trap / Fox Trap

Foxes can carry a number of diseases such as mange, rabies and parasitic worms such as Trichinella and Toxocara. Whilst it is possible for man to contract these conditions it is not known whether foxes do actually pass them on to people or their pets and if they do, how serious a problem is it.

The size of the fox population in a town is held in natural balance by the foxes own system of spacing themselves in territories. On the other hand when a fox is diseased or injured, then there is a good argument for its humane destruction. Foxes can be persuaded to move from your garden although none of these suggested methods are guaranteed. If the fox is merely a visitor to your garden you should remove or protect whatever is attracting them; food from a bird table, domestic refuse, strawberry beds etc. Access routes should be blocked, but fencing off an entire garden is usually impracticable since the fence needs to be at least 2 metres (6ft tall) with no gaps in or under it.

Large Heavy Duty Fox Cage Trap

heavy duty fox cage trap


Hi Andy,
Just to let you know the multi-catch mouse traps and wind up mouse trap are still catching well. We're looking forward to the results we're going to get from the family catch rat traps and folding fox trap. Your service is second to none and trap build quality is excellent. can you let us know as soon as you have more wind up mouse traps available.
Buying from you again soon!
Mark Atkinson & Simon Shipley.
In My Sights Pest Control Shooting & Trapping Specialists (Surrey)


Fox Trap To Catch Runaway Springer.
Hello Andy,
Just a quick email to let you know your trap worked a treat and I followed your advice on setting it,and I also set the trap with the door downwind so she would follow the scent coming out of the entrance. Teasle is back home safe and sound and trap worked overnight in less than 11 hours.
Many thanks, Dave