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N.B. Check the trap often and by UK law at least once per day, ideally dusk & dawn. You must release unharmed, any non target animals. No method of trapping is without the risk of causing harm. The important thing is that we all strive to avoid any unnecessary suffering. You may be require to hold a license to operate some traps, advice & forms HERE. We sell traps all round the world it's your responsibility to check the relevant laws in your country

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The Trap Man superior trap manufacturing . V. Other's

The Trap Man take pride in the manufacture of our range of live catch and humane traps.

The Trap Man use the best possible materials to create traps targeted at just one animal, NO "one trap catches all" with us. Whether it be manufactured from plastic, steel, wood or welded wire all our traps are designed to safely and effectively catch the target animal, be it a Rat, Rabbit, Mouse, Mink, Fox, Squirrel or Stoat,

Take a look at our Newly improved squirrel trap

The traps are manufactured by us in our own workshop, they differ from many other makes because of their design and robust construction. The Trap Man traps are made using welded wire mesh with 1" x 1" (25mm x 25mm) square's, this wire mesh is formed into the correct size for specific trap and target animal, it is then resistance welded along all joints. This construction method is far stronger and considerably more rigid than the more common c clipped, wired or tied joints even if stronger gauge wire is used. The whole trap is electro galvanized to prevent the wire rusting,

Resistance welded jointsresistance welded joint of a Trap Man Squirrel Trap
Resistance welded joints on a Trap-Man trap

The Trap Man hold large stocks of these three traps, while in our storage facility the bright zinc like, galvanized frame ages to a more subtle grey which we have found to be better at catching rats and mink with. Newly made traps are coated with a type of oil after the galvanizing process this is difficult to remove without using harmful chemicals and weathers readily when stored

pro gold squirrel trap
Trap Man Pro Gold Squirrel Trap

Note the electro galvanized after manufacture welded steel wire frame long enough to hold ALL the animal and a large carrying handle to protect your fingers

The Trap Man galvanised mesh with 1" x 1" spacingother manufacturers pre galvanised mesh with 3" x 1" spacing

The Trap Man welded wire mesh against other's . The Trap Man mesh has twice the amount of wire than most cheaper mesh. The Trap Man line wires are centered at 1", other so called comparable manufacturers have line wires spaced every 3" a lot less wire for your money. The wire is not as strong and there is more chance the animal will hurt it's self or you due the the larger holes. The Trap Man wire has a galvanized finish after the mesh has been welded, other less expensive traps use pre galvanized mesh, this means the wire is galvanized first then it's welded at the intersection, the possibility of rusting is in-built.

12gauge hot dipped galvanised mesh is used on The Trap Man rabbit  trap and the trap man fox traps15gauge welded wire is used for The Trap Man Rat traps in hot dipped galvanised finish and zinc plated finish14gauge hot dipped galvanised mesh is used on The Trap Man Squirrel trap and mink trap16 gauge wire is used on The Trap man stoat trap and sparrow traps

The table above gives the approximate wire diameter for a given gauge of wire, When comparing traps from different sources ask what gauge, mesh size and finish is used in the manufacture, you will see that The Trap Man traps are worth that little more

Our three wire straightening and cutting machines

The photo above shows three straightening & cutting machines which plod on day in day out to produce straightened wire for our state of the art cnc mesh welder which produces the mesh panels for our British made cage traps. Since our recent acquisition of Norfolk Industries wire working machinery we now have spare capacity to supply mild steel straightened wire from 2mm diameter to 9.5mm diameter for using in other industries.

wire straightening machine run out tablewire straightening machine run out table with two diameters of wirewire straightening machine run out table

cut wire and cut rod


Using one of our four wire straightening and cutting machines we can supply straight cut to length mild steel wire from 2mm dia up to 9.5mm dia


How we start making a cage trap

We make the mesh that we use to make our traps 

resistance welding wire before hot dip galvanising


Squirrel traps awaiting finishing and zinc plating

UK made trap man traps awaiting zinc plating

Jamie packing a pallet of traps before brew!

packing traps on pallets ready for dispatch

Matt on our trusty steed, loading two pallets of traps for export, trying to help Mr Osborne

loading traps for export



Rapping RatsRapping RatsRapping Rats






large solid tread plate large handle to keep your fingers from being bitten